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ZooLib Sample Code

Ready-to-Run Sample Programs for Various Platforms

Here we provide compiled binaries of a couple sample programs whose source code is also provided. The binaries are compiled for several platforms, and compressed in the format most commonly used on the given platform.



Besides showing how to handle radio buttons, button highlighting and inter-window messaging (windows run in different threads in ZooLib), this demo works better than ZHelloWorld in POSIX/XWindows because it doesn't use a menu bar or resources.

Sample Source Code for Download

If you build either sample program under Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Windows or MacOS, it will complain that a file called "ZPaige.cpp" is missing. Remove this file from the project - it is an adapter class for some OEM code that was used by ZooLib's original developers for their own purposes and is not part of the public ZooLib distribution. It is not necessary for building these programs.

Read the Build Instructions

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